Mobile & Efficient Power Solutions For Your Devices

More interestingly 😊, the icing on the cake 🎂 is that it is exceptionally easily charge 🔋 at work 🏢 and use at home 🏡 or add solar 🌞 panel to charge it during the day.

Flat-Screens & Decoders

Enjoy over 5 hours of uninterrupted ✔ backup to watch your favorite sports ⚽ and shows. This setup is ideal for a LED television 📺, a decoder 📥 and a sound 🔊 system.

Laptops & iPads

Power 🔌 your PC | MAC | Keyboard 🎹 | Mega-Phone 📢 | Printer 🖨 | Fan | Clipper and other medium sized peripherals below 100 watts for up to 24 hours ✔.

Phones & Gadgets

Juice-up 🔋 your Tablet | Phone | Ear Bug 🎧 | Low-Power Bulb 💡 | Torch 🔦 | Camera 📷 and other low-power peripherals for up to a Week 😲 ❕

MPS #Portable

Our portable power banks are truly remarkable with Wireless Charging, fast charging and Power Indicator.

MPS version 2.0

Finally, an answer to your basic power need!

Recommend this to your friends and colleagues and they will have reasons to say thank you.

This small but mighty inverter system is guaranteed to power your:

- LED Tv and Decoder for up to 6 hours,

- Laptop, modem, mifi and router for over 18hours,

- Light up your shop, room or stores for days

- Charge your phone for over a week, barbing clipper for over 16 hours,

- Power your rechargeable fan for over 12hours on a single charge and a lot more applications you may find necessary.

This energy solution is 300WH rated inverter system with improved functionality and reliability. MPS 2.0 is fully assembled in Nigeria with our uniqueness in mind. It is guaranteed to serve you and leave a lasting impression.

With a 500 watt inverter of 10k and 55k for 100,000mah Lithium iron phosphate battery to power your pc for more than 10 hours.

All are built with brand new lithium iron phosphate cells (lifepo4) battery.

We have a cognate experience of over 8 years in building lithium battery. We will always do the best to give value for money, treat others the same way we will like to be treated. Our customers feedback speaks more about our values. Available in Akure; 08065316307

Thanks for your time.


New Categories

We have a new size category among our MPS range of batteries.

MPS 2 Pro 55Ah 660Wh N130k

It is really amazing and gives more in terms of values for money, like others it is guaranteed to serve you for up to 3500 cycles which can span well over5 years.

Patronize us and recommend us to friends and family.

MPS 2 Pro 55Ah 660Wh

Battery 130k

Laptop charger 12k

500Watts inverter 12k

Battery charger Free Gift

MPS 2 Lite 25Ah 300Wh

Battery 65k

Laptop charger 12k

500Watts inverter 12k

Battery charger Free Gift

MPS 2 40Ah 480Ah LiFePo4

Battery 90k

Laptop charger 12k

500Watts inverter 12k

Battery charger

Warranty is one year warranty.

*Note: Only battery and battery charger is 90k. (No inverter, no laptop charger)*

MPS 3 105Ah 1260Wh

Battery 250k

Laptop charger 12k

2000Watts inverter 35k

Battery charger Free Gift

MPS 4 210Ah 2520Wh

Battery 500k

Laptop charger 12k

Inverter 100k


Be your own PHCN everywhere you go!...

  • Modern & Rugged Design

    This product is equipped with modern batteries and components to serve modern devices.

  • Easily Customizable

    We catered for everyone because devices have varying charging ports and voltage requirements.

  • Customers love MPS

    We have a remarkable number of testimonies and customer retention due to excellent experience.

  • Delivery Across Nigeria

    We deliver to all the 36 states through standard posting.

Mobile Power Solution In-depth

I bring you good news about our portable inverter System, battery, powerbank Plus, MPS version 2.0, Laptop external battery, security light battery, Phone Powerbank.

Electricity supply can be unpredictable at times, but you can be many step ahead with this portable power solution for homes and offices. Alternative energy has not been cheap lately with a good inverter battery selling for over one hundred thousand naira.

This setup goes just about half the price and it is expected to last longer due to its superior lithium iron technology. The battery can be full discharged and discharged with little or no side effect unlike older battery technologies and it has a warranty of 2 years and battery life is expected to last up 10 years.

The new mobile power solution; MPS 2.0, is a reliable inverter system that is designed with the Nigerian power situation in mind as a mini-solution. Its basic features meet many immediate need of family and business in times of power outage or outdoor activities.

It can be easily recharged by the grid supplied electricity (NEPA light) in about 4 hours with the intelligent lithium charger supplied with the package. It can also be easily recharged with a 150 watt solar panel or a Power Generating Set (Generator) all via easy setup.

I am looking for those who work on laptop and use a mobile phone extensively and those who love to watch Television or CCTV and security light Installer.

I have right lithium battery technology powered energy solution for you.

Please contact me if you need portable lithium battery power solution (with 2years warranty & 10 years expected lifespan of the battery)for your LED Tv and Decoder (10hrs), Laptop (16hrs), Phone (at least 168hrs), rechargeable fan (12 hrs) light, CCTV e.t.c.

Also available are lightening fast QC 3.0 fast charging powerbank and Wireless powerbank for your high end phones. Thanks


More Features

Check out other cool features...

More Productivity

Having a power backup would ensure that you're able to work every time you need to. This would add value to what you do and electricity won't bother you anymore.

Time saving

Sometimes, we spend time to go out to get fuel ⛽ to power the generator. Sometime to go service the gen. Using this product reduces that time wasted.


We all love to charge devices fast. Nothing feels better than a happy battery. DC power would ensure the right amount of current is supplied to your devices. This would increase the life-span of your PC and phones. Our products are durable and rugged to ensure customer satisfaction.


We understand your varying power needs. You can customize your order to include some accessories/extensions to improve usability with even more devices and range of hardware. We also have DC-AC converters so you can easily connect with an extension box and plug stuffs.

New Tech VS Old Tech

Only old and weak battery with high resistance can give off smell, lithium iron phosphate batteries are safe and gives off no smell when in use.

This setup is 300wh battery and powerbank recommended for energy efficient device like dc fan e.g rechargeable fan, laptop, LED TV, Phones, Energy efficient light bulbs, CCTV camera, modem and other similar appliances . When you are using alternative energy, you have to treat energy like money and avoid dumping energy gulping device on it and opt for energy efficiency.

If money is not a challenge, you can simply opt for pure sine wave inverter to overcome to a great extent the noise and wave form challenge.

The combine sine wave inverter is quite efficient and the noise can be reduced by keeping the setup somewhere away from where may cause any disturbance and long cable extension to draw power from it.

It is a simple plug and play system and i can guide you through if any need arises..

The major advantage include the lithium iron phosphate battery Technology which allow you to deeply discharge your battery to as low as 10 percent with no side effect as compared to a lead acid or gel batteries. It is supplied with an intelligent lithium charger that does not over charged the battery and turms from red to green when battery is fully charged. Also the dc adapter ensures that various laptop voltages can be accomodated. It has three 12v dc output and 2 usb port with a digital display meter to indicate the battery voltage level.

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FAQ & Tips

Information on maintaining your unit...

Do not

❌ Overload. Maximum Watt load is 100 Watts.

❌ Use in rain ☔ or humid environment.

❌ Short Circuit or attempt to cross wires.

❌ Use while Charging except you plug just phones.


👌 Charging Current & Voltage is optimal.

👌 Unit Temperature 🌡 is not abnormal especially with new loads.

👌 Load Attached. Friends can plug 🔌 anything thinking it would carry.


✔ Use 5 watt, 7 watt, 12 watt energy saver bulbs. They are just as bright as tungsten bulbs.

✔ Special care is to be taken as the maximum load the MPS can take is about 100 watt.

✔ Laptop charger is a deal breaker, plugging laptop should be via an in-to-in cable and not by plugging the laptop adapter to the inverter.


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