Best Practices

Information on the best usage practices...

Our mini energy solution can help you solve many of these needs above at a friendly price which can be far less if you only need it for light, or only to charge phone or only power Laptop..... Pls take note of the word ONLY If you will need to it to do all of the above and even more then you may need to buy the upgraded Powerbank/Battery, inverter, Laptop connecting cable, charger....

It is not that MPS cannot power many or all these together but caution must be taken to ensure that the 100watt limit is not exceeded.

To give an insight on lighting, some 20 years ago incandescent bulb (those ones look like lantern light 🤭😅and get so hot) were the popular type of bulbs. The least of these incandescent bulb is about 60watt (and note: OUR MOBILE POWER SOLUTION PACK can only supply about 100watt-----that means it can only power one incandescent bulb🤭😀😱🤑🙅‍♀)

But like many of us know, power is not cheap in some part of the world.... Some people pay special attention to how much power they consume so that power bills don't take away all their savings for summer holiday.... So there were more research into energy efficient devices and that lead to the invention of many lesser energy consuming device popularly referred to as energy savers

The popular energy savers in most people homes today are rated 25 to 20 watt and many has the big 40watt energy saver bulbs but research has even gone farther to give lower energy consuming bulb/device....

There are 5watt, 7watt, 12watt energy saver bulbs that are just as bright as the more popular ones but surprisingly or not so surprising 😇most electrical stores/shops don't stock them..... As e no dey move market 🤭😀🤑🤑

Another thing worthy of note is DC or AC convention.....

DC.... Direct Current AC - Alternating current

Direct Current.... Which is mostly 12v like those of batteries, solar panels etcetera...... Virtually all electronic and computer hardware needs DC to function......manufacturer builds components that converts ac to dc into their device......for example most laptop are 19v device and it takes the adapter the rectify the 220v AC into the usable 19v for laptop..... Power is lost during this conversion. MPS has a 19v port for laptop and a 12v port for other DC device or an inverter to convert the stored charge to 220v that most of our electronics use.

The voltage and frequency of alternating current (AC) electricity used in homes varies from country to country throughout the world. Typically, either 110-volt AC (110V) e.g USA or 220-volt AC (220V) e.g Nigeria.... is used, 'usually connected from the grid into homes, or from power generating set etcetera

A good example of a synergy between the two (ac/dc) is the battery and inverter setup.....the battery is 12v (dc) and the inverter turns it into 220v (ac). You may want to ask why the need for inverting or conversion from 12v to 220v and the simple answer is 'to meet our needs'

In Nigeria, our power supply from the grid is 220v so almost all the electronics imported are of the 220v convention too but like many of us know there are many 12v equivalent of every device you can think of.

From TV to pressing iron to fan to Bulb to anything you can think of The Mobile Power Solution pack supplies power through ports and it is of different variant.

As against an ordinary battery that is solely 12v, the powerbank of the Mobile Power Solution (MPS) can supply different voltage rate from different port simultaneously based on its settings.

So you can have 30v port for ink jet printer plus 19v port for laptop.... This 2 ports are the default mode but the upgraded setup comes equipped with the game changer....the 12v port - which can power many 12v devices.

So for lighting....i will recommend a 12v 5watt Bulb..... MPS can literally power 20 units of that..... I said literary cos i don't expect anyone to put maximum load on his or her MPS unit.

5watt bulbs too comes with different grades (lumen) and quality and prices varies. Unknown to many of us, the current energy saving bulb in many homes is an old technology😀

In place of this old bulb technology comes the Light Emitting Diode Technology. Simply referred to as LED. This latest technology consumes less power and therefore is the most recommended for those trying to save energy and money. It comes in both 220v and 12v variant and can be powered by MPS pack for days.... Imagine not having to disturb your neighborhood with you Gen set early in the morning while cooking or preparing for work or not bright light with no noise for the children to do their assignment or just to watch those late night NBA Games, Champions League or to watch Anthony Joshua knockout Deontay wilder.

I present Mobile Power Solution to you......a lithium iron powered portable battery pack for your enjoyment and rest of mind!

It is not recommended to use the MPS while charging.....except maybe the usb port

Battery when fully charged shows voltage reading of about 16.0 and when load is plugged in the voltage expectedly drops and continue to countdown until it reaches about 12.0 when the battery will go off and requires another round of charging

The fastest way to damage the MPS is overload via the inverter. Special care is to be taken as the maximum load the MPS can take is about 100watt. Laptop charger is a deal breaker, plugging laptop should be via an in-to-in cable and not by plugging the laptop adapter to the inverter

At the first time of use or whenever any new load is used for the first time, constant checking of the MPS for heat is recommended. The MPS may get warm but anything hot signals usage to be discontinued as that is the first signs of overload which maybe damage the unit. Any load to be plugged in should be checked to ensure it conforms to the output range of the MPS.

The MPS is generally suitable for users with specific need as against a general one. It is best use for one specific device at a time to ensure reasonable online time and prevent overload. It can be use to LED TV and Decoder at once, Laptop, CCTV, Rechargeable fan, Clipper, LED bulbs, Phones and as many device that are energy efficient you can think off.

We are reachable and willing to answer more question as soon as possible. Thanks for your patronage and continued recommendation; it means a lot to us. Wishing you more productive time ahead